Paros Creative Holidays

A week of creativity, sun, sea and fun!

Do you like active holidays? Everyone has it in them to dance, sing and be creative. Here is a selection of weeks combining enjoyment with learning. No previous experience is needed. Group numbers are limited so that each person can get a 'masterclass' experience and make progress at their own speed.

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Harmony Magic 

May 22nd - 29th 2020

Helen Yeomans will be leading a 'Harmony Magic' week where you will be skillfully brought together to sing beautiful songs in harmony.


World Dance  

June 4th - 11th 2020 **fully booked**

Learn circle dances to uplifting rhythmic music from many lands with Stefan and Bethan Freedman.



The holidays are on the Greek island of Paros in the Aegean sea.

The Hotel Paros Philoxenia is situated on a picturesque bay with easy access to a lovely sandy beach. Accommodation is in modern single/twin/double rooms with full en-suite, fridge, TV.


The hotel offers vegetarian options and caters for vegan, gluten free and dairy free diets.

Paros sea and pool

"Paradise indeed! Lovely leadership - supportive, present. Loved the meditative dances on the beach. Programme - the best balance of any holiday I've done." Felicity-Pain Specialist


"The holiday exceeded my expectations by miles. Lovely location, meals, gardens, cleanliness. Bethan and Stefan are great facilitators and teachers. See you there next year."


"I really enjoyed the singing week ; Helen was wonderful , I loved the choice of songs ; I felt the balance of singing and other activities was great . As well as being a gifted choir leader , Helen created and facilitated a positive group dynamic and was supportive and encouraging.

Stefan and Bethan are delightful , very kind , thoughtful , accessible , sensitive to the needs of individuals and the group . And nothing seemed too much trouble for them." Judy Scott

"I had a fabulous time!  I thought the singing workshops were fun, uplifting and actually harmonious!  I enjoyed being part of a lovely group which seemed to gel well.  The amount of time seemed just right as we had enough time to chill, and then the option of more singing which worked well.  I also loved the Salsa slot and would have attended more of that, had it been offered (or if there had been enough hours in the day!).  I loved the group room, and the view was stunning.  

We had a fantastic bedroom with the most gorgeous view!  The staff were all friendly and very accommodating.  I loved the food and the way they catered for everyone's needs.  It was also lovely to be able to have the trips out, and the food in the taverna by the sea was delicious!  

The information prior to the trip was fine, and Hannah was very accessible and helpful with all enquiries.  She got onto things very promptly and ensured that it all ran smoothly for us.  

Helen was lovely!  She seems to have an amazing ability to tune to the group's needs and meet them where they are.  I loved the songs she shared with us, and was so impressed at what she wrote, and the many part harmonies she created.  Not having sung for some time,  I was really grateful for the confidence Helen instilled in us individually and as a group.  It was a really special week and I had a wonderful time!

Stefan and Bethan were so sweet and kind.  It seemed that they thought of just about everything before we even realised we needed it!  Thank you all so much.  I feel very blessed to have been part of that week." Jaki Harris

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